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The use and chemical properties of anhydrous sodium sulfite


Anhydrous sodium sulfite has a wide range of uses. Here are a few examples:

First, it is used for the microanalysis and determination of tellurium and niobium and the preparation of developer, and also as a reducing agent

Second, it is used in artificial fiber stabilizers, fabric bleaching agents, photographic developers, dyeing and bleaching deoxidizing agents, fragrance and dye reducing agents, papermaking lignin removal agents, etc.

Third, it can be used as a bleaching agent in the food industry, but there are strict restrictions on the amount of addition.

Chemical formula: Na2SO3

Molar mass: 126.0418 gmol-1

Appearance: white particles

Density: 2.633 g/cm3 (without water)

The anhydrous substance with melting point melts at 251.8℃,

Boiling point decomposition

Sodium sulfite anhydrous packaging and storage

It is packed in polyethylene bag with double kraft paper in the middle, woven bag or plastic bag. The inner bag is fastened or heat-sealed, the outer bag is cut firmly, and the net weight of each bag is 50 kg.

The product should be stored in a cool dry warehouse. The packaging must be sealed and not in contact with air to prevent moisture deterioration. Do not store and mix strong acids and harmful toxic substances with oxidants.

This product is easy to deliquesce and should not be stored for a long time. Avoid rain and sunlight during transportation.

In case of fire, use water and various fire extinguishers for storage.



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