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Baking soda inseparable from life


Baking soda is an industrial chemical, also known as sodium bicarbonate. It is a small white crystal. When it dissolves in water, some differentiation occurs and dissolves into different factors of other components. It is used in industry, food and medicine. Let's take a look at the seven functions of sodium bicarbonate. In life, you can use it to solve some common problems!

1. If the onions are fried for a long time, the onions will lose their original taste, but if they are fried for a short time, the onions will not soften. If you use a little baking soda first, no matter how delicious it is, whether it is cooked or fried, it can make it soft and easy to digest after eating.

2. If you accidentally broke the gallbladder of the fish when dissecting the fish, as long as you put it in a contaminated place, and then repeatedly wash it with water, you can wash away the bitter taste of the fish.

3. Fried noodles with yellow croaker, shrimp or pork ribs, add a little sodium bicarbonate to the batter to taste crispy. Because it decomposes when heated, it generates a large amount of carbon dioxide gas, leaving many pores in the fried batter.

4. When frying the shredded beef, slice the fresh beef into thin slices and mix it in the solution. Deep-fried beef has loose fibers, tender meat and strong aroma.

5. Fresh fruits are relatively easy to rot, which is caused by mold, lactic acid bacteria and many spoilage bacteria. Fear of living in an alkaline environment, they can soak in 1‰ sodium bicarbonate solution for 2 minutes, then take out to dry, sealed with edible plastic bags to keep the fruit fresh for a long time without being damaged and rot. Similarly, this method can also be used to preserve eggs or duck eggs.

6. If the thermos is used for a long time, a layer of scale will be deposited on the inner wall of the bottle. When removing, put it and broken eggshell into a thermos, then pour the salt water into the thermos, and shake gently. Soon, scale will slowly fall off the bottle wall.

7. Sometimes it is difficult to wipe off focal spots on enamelware with detergent. If you dip a bit of baking soda on a damp cloth and wipe it hard, the dirty material will be wiped clean and restore its original color.

  Baking soda has many functions, and the price is not expensive. You can use it at home to solve some small problems in life. Its use is more scientific and environmentally friendly. Its safety level is much higher than other chemical products, so you can use it safely. However, it is worth reminding that it is not directly edible. It is recommended to put it in a safe place at home, and do not let children touch it!



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