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Introduction of dosage and harm of food grade sodium metabisulfite


Food grade sodium metabisulfite can be used as a food additive. Sodium metabisulfite biasulfate has a stronger reduction, similar to sodium sulfite. my country's regulations can be used for candied fruit, biscuits, sugar, rock sugar, caramel, candy, grape sugar, liquid glucose, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and canned mushrooms, the amount of use is 0.45g/kg. The residual amount of candied fruit, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and canned mushrooms, grapes and black currant juice (as SO2) is less than 0.05g/kg; the residual amount of biscuits, sugar, vermicelli and other special varieties is less than 0.1g/kg; liquid glucose The residual amount should not exceed 0.2g/kg. Used as bleaching agent, preservative, loosening agent, antioxidant, coloring agent and preservative in food industry.

       Food grade sodium metabisulfite is white or yellow crystalline powder or small crystals, has a relatively large SO2 smell, and the specific gravity is 1.4. It is soluble in water and the aqueous solution is acidic. When contacted with a strong acid, SO2 will be released to form the corresponding salt. If stored in the air for a long time, it will oxidize to na2s2o6, so the product cannot be stored for a long time. When the temperature is higher than 150 ℃, SO2 will decompose.

  Whether sodium metabisulfite is harmful to human body

      1. According to the provisions of GB2760-2011, sodium metabisulfite can be added to food, but not all foods are allowed to be added, nor is it allowed to add unlimited amounts of added food. According to the provisions of GB2760, an appropriate amount of addition to the human body There is no harm, but if you do not comply with the provisions of GB2760, any addition will cause harm to the human body.

   2. According to the regulations of GB2760-2011, sodium metabisulfite, as a food additive, plays the role of bleaching agent, preservative and antioxidant.

  Through the above introduction to the dosage and hazards of food grade sodium metabisulfite, I hope you can learn from it when using it.



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